"A Diamond Award Winning Club"

                    2016/17, 2018/19

Chartered in 1965

Assembly District 65, Senate District 29, Congressional District 39

Jan. 27th - General Meeting  on  ZOOM!!!!  

This will be first meeting of the new year. Guests welcome!


6:00 pm start time

 Zoom info and links will be e-mailed.We need all to RSVP to "rwffullerton@gmail.com"


           Special Guest Speakers: 


Please join us for the first meeting of the new year! Start the year off with the latest California Republican Women Federation updates. Our guest speakers are Sandy Rains, Region 8 (Orange County) Director, and Sue Blair, CRFW President.

Young Kim- Congress -39th District Candidate

Ling Ling Chang - State Senate-29th District/ 714-671-9474

Cynthia Thacker-65th Assembly District

  Candidate- GET OUT THE VOTE project- please contact to volunteer from home. We need to make sure every Republican votes to take back Calif., and to Keep America on the right path! -email: cynrethkr@yahoo.com

Or contact the OCGOP office and ask what you can do to help- 714-453-0900/e-mail-office@ocgop.org. They offer ongoing training to learn to use the latest campaign technology from your home!

  In the meantime, we pray everyone stays safe and healthy! We are all in this together

Our General meetings are held the 4th Wed. most months. (Times listed are subject to change-check back often!)


 12:30- Jan.22, Feb.26, June 24, Sept.23.

 6 pm- Mar.25, May 27, Oct. 28.

 Apr and Dec are special meetings- location/time TBA

We are dark July, Aug, and Nov. unless special event.

Are you happy with what's happened to California? WE DIDN'T THINK SO !!!!   Rally with people who see a brighter future for our beloved state with a change in LEADERSHIP!  Go to 

"www.recallgavin2020.com" and find a rally in your area  to attend. Or, download copies of the Recall Gavin petition, have all your friends and family sign it and send it in.

         Get rid of the problem!!!  Get rid of Gavin Newsom!!!

Click Here for an informative video-

 Join Us and Make A  Difference. Be a PROUD Republican Woman!!!!


Join  or renew now! and support Fullerton Republican Women Federated as we work to bring you important information and keep you aware of opportunities to support your REPUBLICAN PARTY! With mid-term elections coming up in MARCH, being informed and involved in to help your candidates is so important! 

 Deadline to renew to remain a member in good standing  and to be included in the 2021 roster is March 1.  



FRWF Membership Form 010420.png

Click Here To Find Out How to help our candidates from your own home with Campaign Sidekick !!!

Sitting home and hoping for the best won't help us win and TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. Everyone needs to be involved!

Enjoy the latest news from NFRW by clicking here to go to the website



      Earlier this year, CFRW initiated the Legislative Analyst Committee.  Our goal is to educate all members on key issues in the State Legislature, so we can all be well informed when talking about the issues of the day in California. We provide info. to out CFRW Executive Committee, who then provides recommendations on which to legislation to support or not to support, in conjunction with the CAGOP platform.

      This year the committee is focusing on the Nov. 2020 ballot issues. Capitol Updates have been published and sent to members weekly since April with articles on each proposition. These articles will continue to come out weekly through the election. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL CAPITOL UPDATE ARTICLES. If you aren't getting them, be sure you have gone to www.CFRW.org and registered for log-in privileges. That's one benefit of being a member of the Fullerton Republican Women Federated!

      The members of the committee are Gretchen Cox (Fullerton RWF); Lou Ann FLaherty (South Bay RWF), Elaine Freeman (Simi Valley/Moorpark RWF), and Judy Herman (Humboldt RWF).  

If you have ideas on what you'd like to see covered from the Legislative Analysts, contact Gretchen at "gcoxshoelady@yahoo.com" 




  Barbara Kummert

   Welcome to the Fullerton Republican

   Women's website! We are so glad you found us!

   We invite you to look around and see what we are about, and to make plans to visit us in person soon!

   What can you expect from a club like  ours?

      1) Education on political issues locally and at                  the federal level, and info on many events you

   might like to attend at the local, county, state and              national level.

      2) Meet candidates and elected officials.

      3) Forge friendships with like-minded women.

      4) Support the community and local non-profits             in an effort to make our area a better place.


    Who is regularly at our meetings and events?                 

Local  business owners, elected officials,  retirees,

working women and stay-at-home moms who all

share the desire to learn more and do more to promote conservative initiatives  and values. If you are a registered  Republican,  we welcome you to join us!

    We welcome all ages and all ethnicities.


      Please feel free to reach out to us if you have 

    any questions that aren't answered here, at 


    We look forward to meeting you!


  Barbara Kummert

  2021 President-FRWF


  Mamie Eisenhower Library Project

This is NFRW's oldest project. The goal is to provide books promoting conservative ideas to public institutions such as schools, libraries, hospitals, anywhere people may sit and read. Clubs are encourages to utilize the NFRW approved reading list as a basis for book collecting drives. Once books are collected, NFRW will send the requesting club bookplates identifying them as the donor group which can be affixed before the donation is made. This is a great way to share our ideals with your community, but also to raise awareness of your club within the community.  Contact Gretchen Cox for more info. "gcoxshoelady@yahoo.com".

"                       One Shoe Can Change Your Life"- Cinderella.... so can a book!  

The Red Shoe Book Club is a project of NFRW, to inspire RWF women to share books or start a book club within your club. 

 There is a list of recommended literature at NFRW.org/melp, which is divided by subject and also has childrens books. You can also share books of personal interest. This  is a great way to grow in sisterhood, sharing books and ideas over coffee, tea or wine!!

  As an FRWF and Federation member, you have access to find out about and attend  interesting events from all of our sister clubs! Just visit the websites of other clubs   to see what they are doing!  

You can search for other clubs at     www.cfrw.org, and you can find event listings from multiple clubs at OCGOP.org

As a Fullerton RWF member, you also get info from CFRW (Calif. Federation of Republican Women-"www.cfrw.org") and NFRW (Nat'l Federation of Republican Women-"www.nfrw.org"). Go to each website and request a log in password. Once you get logged in, you will be on their email list AND have access to an amazing amount of info.!

Do you know a college-age registered Republican woman who might like a free membership to our club? If so, click here! This is a great way to get young Republican women to learn about the Federation. Must be a Calif. resident/college student.

Websites for latest news:




or click here to go to our newsletter page for past copies

              FRWF GOALS :

  • ​To inform and serve our community     

  • To retain and increase our membership through regular communication and activities.

  • To increase active communications with our elected officials.

  • To support the Republican Party through registration of voters and volunteering.

  • To support several scholarship funds and community endeavors for young people.



 The Election Integrity Project Ca. is looking for people to help clean up Ca. voter rolls. If you care about this, and can be part of a team making phone calls to verify voter reg. info., PLEASE contact Katherine Gerdis- EIPCa. -"katherinejgerdis@gmail.com". She is looking for teams in local areas. EIPCa. is a non-partisan all volunteer group.

website: www.eip-ca.com                                

 STAY CONNECTED- Check out  these links for more info:
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Facebook- RWFFullerton
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Email us at "RWFfullerton@gmail.com"





WANT TO GET INVOLVED in ensuring our elections are fair and honest? Check out 

ELECTION INTEGRITY PROJECT, California, for many volunteer opportunities, including training, to help observe polling places, and ballot signature comparisons. "www.electionintegrityproject.com".

Training classes being offerred now

Contact Katherine Gerdis, OC Coordinator