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February General Meeting

Join us on February 23rd at the Sizzler for" Launching the Next Generation: The Heroic Feminine". our Guest speaker Rupali Chadha, MD, Dr. Chadha is a Johns Hopkins trained,

double board certified physician who practices in the fields of general and forensic psychiatric medicine. Her work includes treating patients, serving as an expert witness,

and healthcare policy reform. Dr. Chadha worked with President Trump to tackle the problems in healthcare legislation that enabled venture capital and corporations to create the healthcare swamp we are all as patients experiencing now.

Dr. Chadha has a passion for mental wellness and what has become our cultural unwellness.

She treated women for over a decade and this resulted in her critique of feminism, i.e., that feminism largely misdiagnosed the problems women face and its prescriptions harmed us ladies. Dr. Chadha is working hard to formulate not just a critique, but a response, a path forward by re-imagining and unearthing what it is to be a healthy, resilient, well-functioning woman.

Bring your questions, it is going to be an awesome evening!

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