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Guest Speaker Alison Steinberg

We are excited to have Alison as the guest speaker for our Let Freedom Ring Membership Luncheon this Saturday, October 8th. We have a few spots open so please register to join us and we will see everyone there!

Alison Steinberg is currently the host of “Alison At Large”-- a new, hard hitting, unfiltered political talk show on One America News Network. Alison does not refrain from speaking the truth and is fully dedicated to saving our great Nation. 

Prior to her roll at OAN, Alison was an independent contractor when the 'Covid Scamdemic' plagued the world in March of 2020. She found herself with no job, no income, and absolutely NO TOLERANCE for the tyranny that was ensuing! This was the catalyst for Alison to transform into the strong, brave and unapologetic woman she is today! 

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