Pay Online Using Paypal

1. Go to Sign in and search for contact( you may have to enable contact search option) and this is the account you need to find:

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 8.59.21 AM.jpg

2. Enter the amount and please be sure to include  the $2 transaction free.

Renewal: $45

New member:$45

Student: $15

Associate: $20 ( or women who are a Regular member of another RWF club, a Republican Male, or a Republican minor)

Gold Badge: $15

White Badge $10

Other donation: July 17th, Membership Luncheon Tickets/ Donations:

Individual Ticket(s)  -  $45 each  

Event Sponsor   @$100 each

Underwriter Donations:

Postage $65, Rentals $60, Future Speaker Fund $50          

Paypal fee: $2

Please be sure to add in the note section your name, email and what you are  paying for.

3. Until we get the Membership form online, please print out and complete this form and either mail it to us or take a snapshot of it and email it to us and let us know you paid Via Paypal.