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February General Meeting - TAKE BACK NOC!

What an exciting time to be involved in making a difference for our community and our nation! Our Feb guest speaker is our very own member, Rhonda Shader, who for the past 16 years has been serving our local community with her leadership skills! Join us on Wednesday Feb 22!

Rhonda Shader has been in local government leadership since 2016. When she was elected to the Placentia City Council the City had $49 in reserves. They now have $20 Million and are fiscally sustainable well into the future after having been on the verge of bankruptcy for decades.

She credits her conservative values, business acumen, and strong work ethic for being able to do creative work to solve problems. And she credits her leadership courage and strong moral compass for her ability to get stuff done in the face of sometimes extremely difficult resistance. With her experience as a small business owner, Councilwoman, and Mayor, she knows how to bring together best practices from both the public and private sectors.

After running for State Senate in District 34 which covers the majority of North Orange County she is passionate about taking background from the ever-increasing liberal leadership growing in this part of Orange County. A passionate conservative she stands for the principles of (1) individual freedom (2) limited government (3) the rule of law (4) peace through strength (5) fiscal responsibility (6) free markets and (7) human dignity.

In addition to multiple internal committees within the City of Placentia she also serves on the Orange County Central Committee, Orange County Human Commission, Association of Cities Orange County legislation committee Chair and Board Vice President, St Jude Medical Center Community Health Committee, and Southern California Edison Government Advisory Panel. She also serves on the board of Lot318 a Placentia non-profit that serves at-risk youth.

Mayor Rhonda Shader has lived in Placentia with her husband Frank for over 20 years. They have two adult children that live in Southern California. Rhonda is an entrepreneur and owner of an insurance agency in Placentia, where she regularly employs 3-5 people. She is also a Life and Health Coach to individuals and corporate professionals.

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